Unique Bourbon & Whiskey Pairing

Thursday, November 5 in the Wine Cellar
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The name Whiskey derives from Gaelic meaning "water of life." It was originally used as an anesthetic and antibiotic. Distilling techniques were brought to Ireland and Scotland sometime between 1100 and 1300 by monks. Since wine was not easily obtained there, barley beer was distilled into a liquor which became whiskey. The manufacturing of distilled spirits was limited to apothecaries and monasteries until the late 15th century. Whiskey made its way to North America with Irish and Scottish immigrants and has spread across the globe as well.

Some whiskey styles are highly regulated and others are not. Bourbon, for instance, must meet certain criteria in order to use that name on the label. In contrast, a generically labeled "blended whiskey" can be made anywhere and use any ingredients or production methods. Each style also has its own characteristics, which attracts drinkers of different tastes.

Join us a unique blend of rare bourbon & whiskies Thursday, November 5th in the Wine Cellar! Social at 6:00pm & Dinner begins at 6:30pm

Passed Hors'd'oeuvres
Candied smoked bacon and mini crab cakes with sriracha aioli
Maker’s Mark Sazerac

1st Course:
A whip of roasted cauliflower and fennel-toasted almonds & scallop-charred asparagus tips
Rye Bourbon

2nd Course:

Warm spinach and watercress salad with granny smith apple cider vinaigrette and rack of lamb medallions
Bacon Infused Bourbon

3rd Course:

Lemon Sorbet

4th Course:

Petit filet medallion, truffle bordelaise & wilted kale herbed orzo
The Barn Doctor with Smoked Whiskey

5th Course:

Panna cotta with roasted granola sesame and huckleberry compote
Peanut Butter Whiskey
Driving Directions