NCRLA:Stars of the Industry

Congratulations Steve Thanhauser:
Griff and June Glover Award for Service

On Tuesday February 16 the Angus Barn Pavilion hosted the annual North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (NCRLA) Stars of the Industry awards at the Pavilion tonight. Although majority of the attendees were watching virtually, it was still comforting to continue an industry tradition during this time even if we only had 34 guests.

Steve Thanhauser received the Griff and June Glover Award for Service and was recognized for all that he had done for the industry as Chair for the NCRLA over the past 12 months. He was only a couple of weeks into his tenure when the pandemic caused the shutdown of all dining services for bars, restaurants, and hotels in the state. Steve was THE beacon to help provide a lifeline to restauranteurs and their employees, have an unwavering voice to local and state officials and be the face of our industry to the citizens of North Carolina to reassure them that their safety is paramount in how we serve them.

Steve took countless phone calls and Zoom meetings with owners, operators, government advisory personnel, the NCRLA and media offering guidance, encouragement and oftentimes, empathy and compassion, for the hundreds of restauranteurs that are struggling to survive.

We couldn’t think of anyone more passionate and dedicated person to represent and serve our industry and our community during this unprecedented time than Steve.

Congratulations and Thank you!