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*** 18% percent gratuity will be added to parties of ten or more.
Prices and items subject to change.

All New Afternoon Menu 3:00pm -5:30pm

Shrimp Cocktail (6) $11.00 (12) $20.00
North Carolina Crab Cakes $22.00
Little Pig Spare Ribs (Single) $9.00 (Double) $17.00
Alaskan King Crab Claws $24.00
Choice of Salad (Garden or Caesar) $8.00

All sandwiches are served with French fries. Salads are not included.
Angus Barn Burger $18.00
16 oz. patty of our AB Beef ground by our butchers.
Blazin Black-n-Bleu Burger $19.00
16 oz. patty topped with bleu cheese topped with buffalo sauce, sautéed onions & homemade potato chips.
N.Y. Strip Steak Sandwich $19.00
8 oz. of NY Strip sliced and served with a Chipotle Mayo, Portabello Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Gorgonzola & Balsamic glaze.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $15.00

All entrés are served with choice of baked potato, sweet potato or French fries. Salads are not included.
Filet Mignon (bacon wrapped) (7oz.) $30.00 (10oz.) $35.00
NY Strip (11oz.) $29.00 (15oz) 33.00
Rib-eye (13oz.) $32.00
Prime Rib (10oz.) $28.00 (14oz) 31.00 (22oz) 34.00
Baby Back Ribs (4) $24.00
North Atlantic Salmon $25.00

Regular Bar Menu - After 5:30pm


Ahi Tuna $16.00
Little Pig Spare Ribs Single $9.00 Double $17.00
Combination Platter Single $13.00 double $23.00 (Oysters, Shrimp and Ribs)
Oysters on the Half Shell* 1/2 dozen $11.00 Dozen $20.00
Oysters Rockefeller (4) $10.00
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (3) $17.00
Shrimp Cocktail Single (6) $11.00 Double (12) $20.00
North Carolina Crab Cakes $22.00
Alaskan King Crab Claws $24.00
Spicy Fried Potato Wedges (with sour cream, bacon & chive dip) $5.50
Homemade Potato Chips (basket) $4.50
Turkey Wings (4) $9/ (8) $17
Crab Dip half order $15/ full order $26

*Eating raw oysters may cause illness. Ask your doctor if you are unsure of your risk. If you eat shellfish and become sick, see your doctor immediately.


All sandwiches are served with French fries.

Angus Barn Burger $18.00
16 oz. patty of our AB Beef ground by our butchers.
Blazin Black-n-Bleu Burger $19.00
16 oz. patty topped with bleu cheese topped with buffalo sauce, sautéed onions & homemade potato chips.
N.Y. Strip Steak Sandwich $19.00
8 oz. of NY Strip sliced and served with a Chipotle Mayo, Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Gorgonzola & Balsamic glaze.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $15.00


Soup of the day (cup) $4.50 (bowl) $7.00
French Onion (cup) $5.00 (bowl) $8.00


Garden $8.00
Spinach $8.00
Caesar $8.00
Wedge $8.00
Blackened Prime Rib $17.00
Grilled Chicken Salad $16.00

Featured Selections

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Our Current Features:

Porcini Encrusted Ribeye
13oz Certified Angus Ribeye covered in a porcini mushroom rub and topped with caramelized onion butter. Served with roasted mushrooms and your choice of potato...$45.00

Our Wine Steward's Suggested Wine:

2012 Marimar Estate, Mas Cavalls Doña Margarita Vineyard Pinot Noir,
Sonoma Coast, Sonoma California
Bottle: $50.00
Glass: $13.50

A lively intense bouquet of strawberry, followed by raspberry & cherry flavors. The Vineyard is planted with three different clonal selections that add unique elements to this wine.

Featured Beer

Olde Hickory Brewery Death By Hops India Pale Ale
Hickory, North Carolina
12oz. Bottle: $5.00
Big citrus and tropical fruit flavors, medium malt, and finishing with a big grapefruit rind and herbal vegetal flavor. The hop bitterness is assertive but well balanced by the malt and the hop derived fruit flavors.


(All entrées are served with your choice of potato, salads are not included)

Chateaubriand (14oz.) $40.00 For Two (22oz.) $71
Tomahawk Chop $79
Espresso Rub Filet Mignons (Two 5oz.) $35
Filet Mignon, bacon wrapped (7oz.) $30.00 (10oz.) $35.00
New York Strip (11oz.) $29.00 (15oz.) $33.00
Ribeye (13oz.) $32.00
T-bone (24oz.) $38.00
Beef Kabob (12oz.) $26.00
Ground Beef Steak $16.00
Prime Rib (10oz.) $28.00 (14oz.) $31.00 (22oz.) $34.00

Our steaks may be prepared in any of the following styles:
Oscar - Crab-meat, asparagus and hollandaise sauce $7.00
Au poivre - with cracked peppercorn sauce $4.00
Roquefort Bleu Cheese and Balsamic Glaze $6.00
Sautéed onions $4.00
Angus Barn Cajun Seasoning No charge
Garlic Butter No charge

Other Specialties

(All entrées are served with your choice of potato, salads are not included)

Three Cheese Ravioli (marinara or Alfredo) (no potato included) $18.00
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables $20.00
Grilled Pesto Chicken $25.00
Stuffed with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, asparagus and served with red new potatoes & green beans
Barbecued Beef Ribs (4) $28.00
BBQ Pork Ribs $35.00


(All entrées are served with your choice of potato, salads are not included)

Maine Lobster Tail $52.00
Giant Marinated Shrimp $40.00
Alaskan King Crab Claws $51.00
Grilled Tuna $32.00
North Atlantic Salmon $25.00


(All entrées are served with your choice of potato, salads are not included)

Your choice of a 7oz. Filet or 10 oz. Prime Rib and
BBQ Baby Back Ribs (half rack) $35.00
Alaskan King Crab Claws $44.00
Giant Marinated Shrimp $42.00
Lobster Tail (9oz.) $52.00


Lobster Tail* (9 oz.) $32.00
Broccoli* (with garlic and olive oil) $7.00
Cauliflower* (with garlic and olive oil) $7.00
Carrots* (rosemary and honey glazed) $7.00
Sautéed Mushrooms(with white wine and garlic) $7.00
Vegetable Medley* $7.00
Creamed Spinach $8.00
Asparagus* $9.00
Baked Potato* $7.00
Stuffed Potato $7.00
Sweet Potato* $7.00
Fries (Thin-cut or thick-cut) $7.00
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $7.00
Baked Onion $7.00
Sweet Potato* $7.00
White Rice or Rice Pilaf $7.00
Onion Rings $9.00
Garden Salad* $8.00
Spinach Salad* $8.00
Caesar Salad $8.00
Wedge Salad $8.00


Apple Crisp Cobbler 8.00
North Carolina Blackberry Cobbler 8.00
Créme Brülée $10.00
Chocolate Nut Torta (Gluten Free) $8.00
Chocolate Chess Pie $8.00
Frozen Key Lime Pie $8.00
Southern Pecan Pie $8.00
Sawdust Pie $8.00

N.Y. Style Cheesecakes:

New York Style Cheesecake Plain $8.00 with fresh fruit $9.00
Chocolate Cheesecake $8.00
Cappuccino Cheesecake $8.00

Ice Cream and Sherbets:

Hagen-Dazs Vanilla $6.00
Hagen-Dazs Chocolate $6.00
Gran Marnier Parfait $9.00
Crème de Menthe Parfait $8.00
Hot Fudge Parfait $6.00
Raspberry Sherbet $4.00
A La Mode $3.00

We offer Cappuccino, Espresso and Lattes, all available in regular or decaffeinated.

Martini List

Classic Martini $10.00
This is the “classic martini” made with house vodka/gin and a touch of dry vermouth. A perfect start served chilled up or on the rocks.

Dirty “Old Bleu” Goose $13.00
Grey Goose vodka and olive juice shaken iced cold. Served up with stuffed bleu cheese olives.

Cosmopolitan $10.50
A blend of vodka, triple sec, and a splash of cranberry juice. Garnished with a lemon peel twist. Served chilled up or on the rocks.

Gibson $10.00
For the adventurous type we offer this martini garnished with cocktail onions.

Gimlet $10.00
This martini has a refreshing splash of lime juice. Garnished with a lime wheel.

Southern Belle $9.00
Wild Turkey, Southern Comfort, and Triple Sec, a splash of cherry juice, orange and sour.

Southern Beach $9.00
Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, Amaretto blended with an equal part of pineapple, cranberry and orange juice.

Southern Sour Apple $9.00
Absolut Citron, Cranberry, Lime & Sour Apple pucker makes this peculiar punch a popular puckering potent potable.

Mojito $9.00
Light rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and topped with a splash of soda water makes this popular cocktail a must try!

"T.L.C." Martini $9.00

This blend of Vodka, Grand Marnier, Chambourd and cranberry juice gives you all the tender love and care you need.

Flirtini $9.75
Vodka, Chambourd, and Triple Sec mixed with pineapple and cranberry juices. Shaken and topped with a splash of Champagne. Garnished with fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint.

L.I.Tini $9.00
Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, sour and a splash of cola make this sipping tea something special. Garnished with a lemon peel twist.

Raspberry Martini $9.00
Vodka and Chambourd make up this deliciously sweet berry flavored Martini.

Orange Creamsicle $9.00
Stoli Oranj, Cointreau, O.J. and a splash of cream. Garnished with an orange peel twist.

Key Lime Pie Martini $9.00
Stoli Vanilla, Malibu Coconut Rum, Lime & Pineapple juices & a touch of cream.

Nutty Irishman $9.00
Frangelico and Bailey's combined together for a creamy and very nutty treat. Wonderful as a dessert.

Mint Cookie $8.75
Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao, and cream shaken to a frothy finish. Great dessert drink.

Nuts and Berries $9.00
Frangelico and Chambourd with a touch of cream shaken in ice and frothy served up.

Chocolate Martini $9.00
This Chocolate Martini features vodka, Godiva Liqueur, and cream. Wonderful served chilled up.


Bright & Crisp
Budweiser (American Lager), Missour 4.50
Corona (Pale Lager), Mexico 4.75
Foster’s (Pale Lager), Australia, 25.4oz 7.50
Heineken (Pale Lager), Netherlands 4.75
Labatt Blue (Pale Lager), Canada 4.75
Spatan Lager (Pale Lager), Germany 4.75
Pilsner Urquell (Pilsner), Czech Republic 4.75
Stella Artois (Pilsner), Belgium 4.75
Gaffel Kölsch (Kölsch), Germany 5.75
Anchor Steam (Steam Beer), California 5.00

Light Beers
Amstel Light Holland 4.75
Bud Light Missouri 4.50
Coors Light Colorado 4.50
Michelob Ultra Missouri 4.50
Miller Lite Wisconsin 4.50
Natural Light Missouri 4.50

Wheat & Fruity
Blue Moon (Witbier), Colorado 4.75
Maisel’s Weisse (Hefeweizen), Germany 7.00
St Ambroise Apricot Wheat, McAuslan Brewery (Wheat Ale), Canada 7.50
Foret, Dupont Brewery (Saison Ale), Belgium, 11.2oz Organic 12.00

Bold & Hoppy
Carolina Pale Ale (American Pale Ale), Holly Springs NC 4.75
Sierra Nevada (American Pale Ale), California 5.00
SweetWater IPA, Sweet Water Brewing Co (American IPA), Georgia 4.75
Kashmir IPA, Highland Brewing Co (English IPA), Asheville NC 4.75
Rocket Science IPA, Fullsteam (American IPA), Durham NC, 22oz 8.00

Malty & Mild
Bad Penny, Big Boss Brewing Co (Brown Ale), Raleigh NC 5.00
Carolina Nut Brown Ale (Brown Ale), Holly Springs NC 4.75
Sweet Josie, Lonerider Brewing Co (Brown Ale), Raleigh NC 4.75
Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewing Co (Amber Ale), Colorado 4.75
Gaelic Ale, Highland Brewing Co (Amber Ale), Asheville NC 4.75
George Killian’s Irish Red (Amber Lager), Missouri 4.75
Samuel Adams Boston Lager (Amber Lager), Massachusetts 4.75
Yuengling (Amber Lager), Pennsylvania 4.50
Newcastle Brown Ale (English Brown Ale), United Kingdom 4.75
Bass Ale (English Pale Ale), England 5.00
Old Speckled Hen (English Pale Ale), England, 14.9oz 7.00
Belhaven Scottish Ale (Scottish Ale), Scotland 6.00

Dark & Toasty
Highland Oatmeal Porter (American Porter), Asheville NC 4.75
Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout (Oatmeal Stout), England 7.25
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (Milk Stout), England, 14.9oz 7.25
Guinness Extra Stout (Irish Dry Stout), Ireland, 14.9oz 7.25
Siberian Night, Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, (Imperial Stout), Ohio 7.75
St. Bernardus Abt 12 (Quadrupel), Belgium 12.00
Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter (English Porter), England 7.25

Cider & Specialty
Ace Perry, California Cider Co (Cider), California 5.00
Aspall, English “Dry” (Cider), England 9.00
Duchasse de Bourgogne, (Flanders Red Ale / Sour 11.00
Lindeman’s Framboise, Belgium 8.50
Omission IPA, Widmir Brothers Brewing Co (Gluten Free IPA 5.00
Royal Jamaican, Big City Brewing Co. (Ginger Spiced Beer) 7.00
Kaliber NA (Non Alcoholic Pale Lager), Ireland 5.00
O’doul’s Amber (Non Alcoholic Amber Lager), Missouri 4.75

Seasonal Draft
Draft 4.75
As the seasons change, so will our draft selections. Please inquire with your server.

Non-allcoholic Beers

Kaliber Ireland 5.00
O' Doul's Amber Missouri 4.75



Seagrams Seven Crown 6.00
Canadian Club 6.50
Seagrams V.O. 6.50
Crown Royal 6.50
Crown Royal Reserve 14.00


Wild Turkey 101 Proof 6.25
Gentleman Jack 7.50
George Dickel 6.50
Jack Daniel's Black Label 6.50
Jim Beam 6.50
Maker's Mark 7.50
Old Grand Dad 6.50
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 7.50
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 9.50
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 15.00
Wild Turkey, Tradition 20.00
Basil Hayden 11.00
Blantons Single Barrel 10.00
Evan Williams Single Barrel 7.50
Knob Creek Single Barrel 8.50
Bookers Single Barrel 10.50
Woodford's Reserve 10.50


Fleischmanns 6.00
Beefeater 6.50
Bombay 6.50
Tanqueray 6.50
Tanqueray, Rangpur 7.50
Tanqueray, Ten 8.50
Bombay Sapphire 7.50
Hendrick's 8.50


Two Fingers Gold 6.50
Cuervo Especial 7.50
Cuervo 1800 8.50
Sauza Tres Generaciones 11.00
Patron Reposado 13.00
Patron, XO, Café 13.00
Avion, Silver 14.00


Castillo Silver 6.00
Bacardi Silver 6.50
Captain Morgan 6.50
Malibu 6.50
Mount Gay 6.50
Myer's Dark 6.50
Bacardi 151 Proof 7.00


Fleischmanns 6.00
Absolut 7.00
Absolut Citron 7.00
Absolut Pepper 7.00
Ciroc 9.00
Ketel One 7.00
Skyy 7.00
Smirnoff 7.00
Stolichnaya 7.00
Belvedere 8.00
Chopin 8.00
Grey Goose 8.25
Stolichnaya Gold 7.50
Stolichnay Oranj 7.50
Stolichnaya Razberi 7.50
Stolichnaya Vanilla 7.50

Irish Whiskey
Jameson 6.50
Bushmills 9.50


Clan MacGregor 6.00
Chivas Regal 8.50
Chivas Regal Royal Salute 32.00
Cutty Sark 6.50
Dewar's 7.00
J & B Rare 6.50
Johnnie Walker Red 8.50
Johnnie Walker Black 10.50
Johnnie Walker Blue 55.00
Pinch 11.00
Glenfiddich Single Malt 9.00
The Glenlivet Single Malt 9.00
Glenmorangie Portwood 12 Yr. Single Malt 15.00
The Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt 12.00
The Balvenie 15 year Single Malt 15.00
Laphroaig 10 year Single Malt 15.00
The Macallan 12 year Single Malt 15.00
The Macallan 18 year Single Malt 26.00
The Macallan 25 year Single Malt 55.00


Courvoisier V.S. 9.00
Delamain, Pale & Dry Pale & Dry 25.00
Hennessy V.S.O.P. 13.00
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 12.00
Remy Martin X.O. 28.00
Remy Martin Louis XIII 160.00


Wild Turkey Liqueur United States 8.00
Amaretto de Sarona Italy 7.50
Baileys Irish Cream Ireland 7.50
Bénédictine France 10.00
Bénédictine & Brandy France 10.00
Campari Italy 7.00
Chambord France 7.50
Cointreau France 8.50
Drambuie Scotland 9.00
Frangelico Italy 8.00
Galliano Italy 7.00
Grand Marnier France 10.00
Grand Marnier 150 year old France 29.00
Godiva Dark United States 9.50
Godiva Light United States 9.50
Irish Mist Ireland 8.00
Jägermeister Germany 7.00
Kahlúa Mexico 7.00
Midori Melon Japan 7.00
Sambuca Romana (black) Italy 8.00
Sambuca Romana Italy 9.00
Southern Comfort United States 7.00
Tia Maria Jamaica 8.00

Cigars from our Humidor

The Angus Barn is proud to offer an extensive list of premium cigars to our guests. Please visit our walk-in humidor located in the back of the Country Store for your favorite selection. Listed below are a few of the quality brands we
try to stock at all times. Please note: like a vintage wine, some selections may be out of stock due to availability.

Angus Barn
Arturo Fuente
La Gloria Cubana
Carlos Torano

Also, look for our Cigar Steward's specials.

Alices Room