"Guests trust us to make their occasion a great memory that will be with them forever. Our golden opportunity is to give them this gift. Yes, great food and ambiance are important, but it goes far beyond the meal to an intangible feeling that money cannot buy." ~ Van Eure

Please Note:  We are reinstating our Dress Code.

We like to think of ourselves as fine dining with a rustic elegance. You may dress as nice as you like or business casual. No cut off shorts, tank tops, clothing with offensive graphics or language, revealing clothing or exposed undergarments.

Cowboy hats, Fedoras, and Dress hats are allowed in dining rooms. Ball caps, Hoodies worn on head, and Toboggin/Beanies are not allowed in dining rooms. Forward facing Baseball caps are allowed to be worn in the Wild Turkey Lounge, Meat Locker, Outdoor Patio, and Saloon.