Cellar Dining

With the completion of the Wine Cellar Kitchen, another chapter in the long, rich history of the Angus Barn began and Thad’s lifelong vision was fulfilled. Henrietta Mears wrote that hospitality should have no other nature than love. In the loving spirit of Thad and Alice Eure, welcome to their Wine Cellar Dining Rooms! The Wine Cellar Kitchen bustles with reserved dinner parties and special events prepared by our Best Chefs.

Alice's Room: After being escorted through the restaurant and descending our stairwell Alice’s Room a glow in candle light where we can seat a minimum of 12 and up to 28 for a private dining experience. An excellent room for business dinners, presentations, wine tastings and corporate parties. This private dining room is also the perfect setting for special birthdays, anniversaries and dinner parties.

Thad's Room: Thad's Room can also seat a minimum of 12 and up to 36 for a private dining experience. Thad’s Room boasts a fireplace for ambiance as well as a private bar in the room. The room is decorated beautifully with stained glass windows, cobblestones from Raleigh’s original Fayetteville Street and vintage pieces about the room. This room is ideal for business meetings or programs as well as rehearsal dinners and celebrations of all kinds.

Cellar Info

Making a Reservation

Choose Thad's or Alice's Room and Dinner Selections with Innovative Gourmet Cuisine. As host, you will select a gourmet menu from the cuisine of our Executive Chef, Walter Royal, and his staff. The Cellar Master will pair wines with each course to compliment your dining experience. Clad in tuxedos, your wine cellar service staff will offer your guests silent white-glove service and cater to their every need.

The dinner is a "fixed menu", meaning all guests have the same item for each course, but hosts may pick their menu with confidence, knowing that we can handle any special dietary needs that will suit their guests. Please be aware that selected accompaniments may change at the chef's discretion, without notice, to ensure freshness and availability.

Wine Selections
The Cellar Sommelier pairs wines to match each course perfectly. Hosts are quite welcome to assist in the wine selections. There is a per bottle surcharge if the host selects a wine that exceeds the wine allowance.

Pre-dinner Social
The host may choose to offer bar drinks to guests during the social or throughout the evening. The wine cellar bars offer a choice of full spirits, beer & wine. Bar offerings are at the host discretion. There is no additional charge for the bar or bartender. Drinks are charged based on consumption.

Final Arrangements
The final count is required at least 48 hours prior to the party.

Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards and cash.

Wine Cellar Tours
The Angus Barn owner may choose to bring a few guests to the cellar for a private tour. These tours will be done discreetly and are not available to the general public.

Booking Your Event

To request information about hosting your event, dinner, or special occasion fill out the form below or call Nicole Harvey at 919.987.1270 for reservations and further information. Please visit our events page to view special event wine cellar dinners. These events are open to the public and feature gourmet themed dinners such as the last dinner served on the Titanic.